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     If you have landed at this page with a wonder how Naked Space differs from other companies out there--let us just first say, thank you for spending time getting to know us. We genuinely are happy to welcome you!  

Who are we?

      Naked Space is a young, passionate brand built upon a family company. Originally, we are the producer of engineered wooden doors for real estate projects with over 20 years of experience in turnkey solutions. 


      As the second generation, we aim to create an even more sustainable business and be more than just a designer or a manufacturer. We want to be your life-long partner--someone you can always rely on when it comes to dressing up your space. 

    For a small business, we do have a big dream of making the world a better place through a more flexible built-environment. Yes, it does sound super cliché--but we hold this very dearly to our heart. 

      If you've got more time and are intrigued in getting to know us a little better, please continue scrolling!


To create a happy and healthy community through environmentally-friendly wooden products and bring about positive changes in every life we touch.  


To constantly and relentlessly seek for a better solutions that allow for greater spatial flexibility in accordance to the customer's needs, while maintaining our stakeholders' well-being and happiness, thereby creating a strong business ecosystem for all. 


Space dressed better.

For you | For the nature | For many years to come



Here's why we do what we do.

The idea of Naked Space was originally ignited back in the days when I used to paint and re-paint the walls myself, while moving the furniture around in an attempt to get a fresh atmosphere within the same four walls. I thought,

"let's get the hands dirty. I am my only limit".

Well, well, well...little did I know...

Firstly, let me just warn you-- the wall-painting activity was just purely a wall-paining activity.  If the walls were people, I'd just have to say sorry. It did not look at all good but, oh well, consider it a piece of art!

Secondly, my only limit was not myself--rather, it was the built-in closet my parents had them installed before I was even born. 

Born and bred in a wood-lover family.

"How nice would it be if my space was really my space?," I remembered myself thinking. 

If only I could change the closet cabinet's front or put up wall panels myself.

Simply put, if I could only upgrade my space just like anything in life in the Digital Age. 

However, humankind has generated so much waste already and I did not want to create a business that further burdens the world. 

Years later, the term                       was coined--a model which literally sums up what I have been wanting to do. As my family grows, it became even clearer that we could no longer think only about ourselves. The needs of the next generation must be seriously taken into account in everything we do now. "If not now, then when?".

Building on the family business, Naked Space is the new era of how we can dress up our naked space better. We are proud to offer you a solution of building your own space for the future, while eliminating waste and pollution, circulate products and materials, and regenerate nature. Not only is it better for you, it is better for the nature, and better for many years to come!

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